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Erotic Massage in Tyumen

Program of erotic massage "Sakura Branch"


While performing this kind of massage, the art of the masseuse lies in the skills to impact the most
sensitive parts of your body only with her lips, teeth and breathing. The massage is performed virtually
without involving her hands; it will awaken teasing thoughts in your imagination, and their cascade will
capture you and plunge you into the tidal wave of pleasure. The massage was invented in Japan and it
bears a hint of Oriental exotics.



Duration: 90 minutes.

Cost: 6000 rubles.


Important notice! The services provided at our salon are not sexual services. Sexual acts and other actions of sexual nature aimed at the direct achievement of sexual pleasure are not allowed at our salon. The services we offer are aimed at providing aesthetic pleasure, psychological and physical relaxation, as well as health promotion. All the services are provided to customers in compliance with the General Conditions of Business.

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