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Erotic Massage in Tyumen

Program of erotic massage "Pleasure"


The program begins with a classic massage, which aims to relax your muscles to the fullest, to
improve blood circulation, relieve stress, uplift your spirits and general state, to restore your
physical capability. Light stroking is an amazing beginning of a classic massage. Feeling the
masseuse's velvet-like palms and gentle fingertips on your skin, you will relax to the fullest and
surrender to the sweet feelings and emotions sweeping you. When your body is warmed up and
your skin's sensitivity is exacerbated, the masseuse begins to warm up your muscles, which is an
essential attribute of a classical massage. It's not yet the time for the health ritual at our massage
salon to be over; the main surprise awaiting you is the dizzying, bright and extremely sensual erotic
massage. Being the embodiment of passionate desires and luring temptations, the erotic massage will
let you experience the highest blissfulness. With her languid, seductively enveloping movements, the gentle nymph of our salon will wreath your head... relax and surrender to the flow of feelings sweeping you, plunge into the world of tenderness and passion of erotic massage.




Duration:  60 minutes




Important notice! The services provided at our salon are not sexual services. Sexual acts and other actions of sexual nature aimed at the direct achievement of sexual pleasure are not allowed at our salon. The services we offer are aimed at providing aesthetic pleasure, psychological and physical relaxation, as well as health promotion. All the services are provided to customers in compliance with the General Conditions of Business.

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